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Datum 09:00 bis 13:00 14:00 bis 17:00 Ab 19:00 Uhr
Workshop 1-3 Freies Push Hands
Samstag  04.11.2017 Workshop 3-4 Freies Push Hands Bei Interesse: Gemeinsame Stadtbesichtigung
Sonntag 05.11.2017 Workshop 5-6 Freies Push Hands


1 Day: 50€ (including workshops and complementary Tui Shou)

2 Days: 90€ (including workshops and complementary Tui Shou)

3 Days: 120€ (including workshops and complementary Tui Shou)

Lunch: A good lunch menu or snacks are no problem: there are numerous supermarkets and restaurants close to the Prater!.

Workshops: All workshops offered are tailored for beginners as well as advanced participants. The topics covered provide insights into the inner martial arts and the main emphasis is set on practical training and effective technical content.

Free Push Hands: : The participants will decide on an individual basis how they prefer to practice (free or not free, with steps or without, etc.). The level of the training is adapted to the participant with the least experience.

Location: Budoten-Dojo Verein zur Förderung der Kampfkünste –
Hofenedergasse 3 – 1020 Wien


Practical Wu-Cheng Taijiquuan applications

Lung Hu Chuan self defence in close quarter

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Conditions of participation

Participants are responsible for themselves and their behaviour. The event organiser assumes no liability for risks and injuries during the trainings. Participants need to care for suitable insurances for themselves. As the number of participants ins limited, participation is regulated on a first come first serve basis. In the case of cancellation within two weeks before the event, we will charge you with an administration fee of 50€. If you cancel afterwards, you need to pay the full amount except you provide a replacement. You are properly enrolled if you fill out our special form and receive a written confirmation afterwards. Place of jurisdiction is Vienna. The official event language is English. Budotendojo and others are going to produce a film and photo documentation. I am aware that films and photos will be made during the video and declare with signature on the enrolment form that I agree that the producers will publish and commercially exploit the material. Therefore I agree with giving the rights to the images and films to the producers for free. Due to the size of the event, may result in programme changes.