Where to stay overnight?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide private accommodation. Perhaps you have friends in Vienna who would be prepared to accommodate you! You are also welcome to post offers and enquiries on to the event page on Facebook!

Hotels: It is quite hard to give recommendations for all the various demands of people in terms of hotel standards. You can find a list of hostels and hotels with Hostels Central, Allegmeine Touristen Info and on www.wien.info

How much does it cost and how can I pay for it?

Please find all the information and details considering payment under “procedure and costs”. After enrolment you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Can I also participate just for one day?

Yes, it is possible, please go to “Enrollment and prices”.

What are the rules of Push Hands?

In order to build a bridge between the various styles and therefore keep the risk of injuries during the trainings as low as possible, we comply with the international Push Hands guidelines.  In general, self-defense exercises and meditative partner exercises are trained.

Punches and kicks are forbidden. Pushing, pulling, throwing and lifting is allowed, while the target is only the upper body without the head and neck. It is the aim to throw the partner off balance and/or force him to correct himself (with an additional step).

I only exercise the formal steps and have never practiced Tai Chi/with partner exercises. Can I still participate?

Yes of course! The convention is ideal for beginners like you. You can immediately apply an practice what you will have learnt. Please don’t forget that Tai Chi is a well-elaborated, effective and efficient form of martial arts due to and despite its slow movements.

I perform another style which also contains soft elements and partner exercises. Can I still participate?

Yes, just give it a try! There are several other styles which will come up, so don’t worry! The rules may be not very common (I was irritated as well in the beginning), but they are tried and tested when it comes to minimising the risk of injury.

Can females also take part?

As I have already mentioned it, the internal martial arts assume that  the physically inferior partner can also defeat the physically more dominant opponent with the aid of technical and mental skills.

I have questions other than the ones above.

Please send an e-mail to pushhandsvienna@gmail.com