The Experience

The third international Push Hands Convention:

3rd -5th of November 2017 in Vienna

Push Hands (Tui Shou) is the most known and most important partner practice of Tai Chi Chuan. The third international Push Hands convention in Vienna facilitates an encounter of different styles and schools of martial arts under the banner of mutual exchange and personal development.

A lot of practitioners of soft internal martial arts such as Tai Chi do not know that their style is part of highly developed and effective self-defense systems. Therefore, they mostly only know the formal procedures and exclusively refer to health aspects.
However, martial arts only fulfil their purpose when their practitioners deal with deeper martial elements. Like this they can develop those highly prestigious skills that lead to internal spiritual maturity via external physical and technical development.

The third Viennese Push Hands convention, November 3-5 November 2017, offers a platform for exchanges and further development in front of the magnificent cultural backdrop of Vienna.

Specialists of soft or internal styles from all around the world gather in order to practice, study, test and acquire experiences accompanied by workshops conducted by competent teachers. City sightseeing tour and dinner included!

Tuishou (Chinese for pushing hands) serves a common basis of practice; internationally known as pushing hands practice. The latter is a partner exercise – in the internal martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan – which is a simulation of fighting procedures without the risk of injury.
Pushing hands – like all other internal martial arts – relies on feeding back the power, force and aggressions to the opponent with the aid of certain skills and adaptability instead of superior power.